SUMA Award 2014: The Winner is ... Manniac

SUMA-EV is Germany's non government organisation dedicated to free access to information. For the sixth time SUMA called for suggestions for its "SUMA Award". This award is granted for video clips or film projects which pick the topic of ethics in digital space.

SUMA award winning videoclip on Youtube: Manniac's "Der Ueberwachungsstaat"

Typical topics are uncontrolled internet surveillance, censorship or cyber-bullying. This year SUMA Jury granted the award to a Youtube user calles Manniac for his clip "Der Ueberwachungsstaat". In English: "The Surveilance State". 

SUMA Congress Main Topic: Escaping Surveilance State

The award was handed over during the annual SUMA Congress in Hanover, Germany in February 2014, by the inventor of the MP3 packing algorithm, Karlheinz Brandenburg, who said: "The author of the clip does not simply complain about surveilance by the government, he also demands rethinking of internet activities to every user. And the message was heard: One million views on Youtube say enough."

The prize was handend over witnessed by around 50 participants of the congress themed "Escape from Surveillance State". Scientists, specialists in information technology, educationalists and theologians took part and discussed with SUMA's Wolfang Sander-Beuermann, Andy Mueller-Maghun from Chaos Computer Club and Rafael Capurro, professor for ethics in information technology (Stuttgart Media University).

New Call for SUMA award this year

Also in 2014 SUMA will look for new projects, movies, clips or other material adressing the topic of new challenges in information society. The contest is open for filmmakers, students of media studies, projects at schools or other initiatives of people. There is no final topic for the 2014 SUMA award but it will be posted here as soon as possible. So watch this space. .  

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